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urbanplanningtalk.com is creating global conversations between cities, communities and urban innovation and is continually reviewing the people and ideas that shape our urban future, to activate all city stakeholders. That’s our mission. urbanplanningtalk.com is the online go-to hub for innovation, trends and best practices in the transformation of cities all over the world. Through in-depth features, interviews, news, and data analysis and visualization, insights on cities and their innovators (both present and future).

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Urban Planning and Smart Cities– the latest trends in urban planning methods and techniques and the examples set by cities all over the world.
Urban Transport– we review stories, case studies, the best practice of transportation planning and detail analysis of transport policy. Facts about urban transport etc.
Urban Transformation – stories, case studies, best practices and analysis of how cities are able to transform and regenerate to cope with economic, environmental, political or social changes.
Public policy– on various local, state and national policies and that social issues that shape them as well as initiatives taken up by the general public, NGOs and government organizations.
Urban Innovation – stories of how local governments, academia, businesses, and startups are coming up with solutions to help their urban areas.